Posts from January 2009

Friction (by John Allsopp)

In one of the previously linked articles now available from Scroll Magazine, John writes about the unintended consequences of the web, and it’s impact on commerce and events, as well as its facilitation of making the printed word more social.

Rather than being the long expected deathknell for print, the web, by facilitating print on demand, may well drive a renaissance for print, by making the cost of production dramatically lower, by reducing the financial risk of experimenting with print publication significantly.

Articles from Scroll #1 online

The full text of articles in John Allsopp and Maxine Sherrin’s first issue of Scroll Magazine is now online. Includes pieces by Indi Young, Aaron Gustafson, Joe Clark, Ethan Marcotte, Veerle Pieters, and Jeff Veen.

FontExplorer Pro icons

Once again, beautiful work by Jon Hicks on icons for FontExplorer Pro. Plus a look at the sketches and process he went through to arrive at the final results.

Palm Pre

We all thought Palm was dead by now. But check out this new unexpected head-turner they announced today: the Pre. Beautiful industrial design, and the OS and software seem well thought out as well. A soft touch on the design. We’ll see how good it is when it ships later this year. iPhone competition is finally heating up.

Semantics in HTML 5

John lays down the criticism on they way the W3C is approaching HTML5. He (rightly, IMO) argues that adding new elements is not the way to make HTML5 backwards nor forwards compatible. Toward the end of the article, he suggests that adding new attributes might achieve both goals. Seems logical to me.

The MacBook Wheel

Apple introduces revolutionary new laptop with no keyboard. My favorite quotes:

Just press both sides of the wheel concurrently, and center-click, and there, you have an alphabetical listing of every file on your hard drive. Everything is just a few hundred clicks away…


I like how the email automatically says ‘Sent from MacBook Wheel.’ That way people know you have one.

Regarding The Personal Web

Dan Benjamin pontificates on the state of blogging and longer-form posts vs. shorter Twitter-like posts. Interesting commentary toward the end that to really participate means having more than one channel or form of contributions.

Making Modular Layout Systems

Bookmarking this late. But an interesting perspective into Jason Santa Maria’s simple system for creating the dynamic layouts of his recent entries.