Styling Form Submit Buttons

Base text size for the body has been set to keyword medium (adjusted to small for IE5.x/Win using the box model hack) for optimum consistency across browser and platform.

#f1: Raw Unstyled

No style applied, default rendering state depends on user agent.

#f2: Font Change

Set font-size to 100% and font-family to the following values. These fonts remain persistent in following tests:

  1. Button #1 = default
  2. Button #2 = Verdana (or sans-serif)
  3. Button #3 = Arial (or sans-serif)
  4. Button #4 = Georgia (or serif)
  5. Button #5 = Times New Roman (or Times, or serif)

#f3: Background and Text Color

Set background-color to #369 and color to #fff.

In addition, set border to 2px outset #69c.