Posts from September 2002

Success in user testing

My colleagues in Boston ran some users through the Wired News design prototypes this week. While we were fairly confident that many of the usability problems of the old design had been addressed, we wanted to make sure there weren’t any glaring errors that we hadn’t addressed yet. We wanted a test a competitor at the same time to help give us a comparison, so users were asked to run through the same tasks on C|net’s continued

Relative URIs within CSS

We made an important discovery today which will help us simplify the maintenance and version control of the style sheets for Wired News. It has to do with importing additional CSS files and referencing images from within any CSS file. Since I’m the original and final author of the CSS files, I like to keep a local working version of the design prototypes on my laptop. I was originally referencing URIs in the CSS using absolute paths, relative to the web server root — ie: url("/wired/images/logo.gif"). For the live site, we’ll be hosting both images and CSS files on Akamai servers, which obviously means I won’t be able to keep the same URI references in each of the CSS files. continued

Labor Day break

I’m in San Diego for the extended weekend, spending time with good friends, trying not to labor too much. We spent some time last night enjoying phenomenal Italian food at one of our favorite Point Loma restaurants, Old Venice. I’d highly recommend a nice dinner there if you ever happen to be in the area. Ask for a table out back on their wonderful patio if the weather is cooperating. continued