Posts from March 2003

Web standards need not be ugly

Who said creating type with images was bad? I say, fooey!

As I’ve been nursing a wicked sinus infection for the past week — often flat on my back in bed, trying to get healthy again for SXSW — I haven’t been able to get much client work done. As a result, I’ve had extra time to work through a few ideas and experiments I wouldn’t have finished otherwise. The frame spacing test from earlier this week was one of them. continued

Heading South (by Southwest)

In two days, I’ll be one of the many flocking to Austin for South by Southwest, in part, due to Tantek‘s generosity. No speaking engagements — I’ll just be waiting patiently in the audience for chances to heckle the few speakers I know. If you’re attending the event, make sure to say hi. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people whom I only know via digital ink.

Unfortunately, my flight isn’t arriving on Saturday in time to join the kickoff game of KICK. But if you’re there, be sure to join in. Either by playing or spectating. And if you’re into storytelling and open mic, check out Fray Cafe 3 on Sunday night.

To admire, study, and critique

Two noteworthy XHTML/CSS redesigns have recently launched:

Macromedia – The good and bad wrapped into one. Good: Clean, airy, pleasing color combinations, fun imagery, classic Macromedia typography, aesthetic, and balance. Heavy use of Flash, but no excessive animation. Bad: The scary thing about this redesign is the source code of their home page (or should I say how little source code there is for their home page) and how reliant they are on one big umbrella .swf file. continued

SWF seeking VWM

Slim-Waisted Frameset seeking Valid Working Markup for harmonious live-in relationship. Introduce me to new style that everyone can love. Otherwise, you must be able to understand and accept the cosmetic tricks I use to hide my own stretch marks.

Give it up. It’s a fantasy. It’s a dream. Never meant to be. Not now. But why? continued