Power of Design, Vancouver

In two days, I’ll be heading north to Vancouver, B.C. for the AIGA National Design Conference, the power of Design. (Ironic that an American org is holding a national conference in Canada, eh?) This year’s conference will focus on the role of designers in the 21st century, in terms of culture, economy, and environment. Registration is still open if you’re up for making last minute plans. Be wary though: nearby hotels were filling up quick when I booked a month ago. GDC members are also eligible for the AIGA member rate. continued

Sliding Doors of CSS

It’s time to push the limits of CSS and raise another bar for standards-based web design. This tutorial walks through a new Sliding Doors technique for creating visually stunning interface elements with simple, text-based, semantic markup. (Translated into: Farsi, French I, French II, Italian, Russian)

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