Posts from June 2005

Zoom layout

In a presentation for @media entitled, Zoom the Web, Joe Clark revealed and explained several possible options (a new trend, hopefully) for making sites more accessible and readable for low-vision users. In the continuing effort to make our sites accessible as possible, many have assumed accessibility best practices deal primarily with blind people who often use screen readers. continued

Touring London

My first night in London, I forced myself to stay awake by taking the tube to SOHO, finding fish and chips for dinner, and deciding to watch an Italian film, “The Consequences of Love,” at the Curzon. Not the best choice for keeping one’s self awake after an 11 hour flight to London, but somehow it worked. Billed as a “psychological thriller”, this film’s pacing should have put me to sleep. But I managed to follow to the end. continued

@media 2005

On my way home now, I can finally sit down in one place long enough to recap the experience in London around @media 2005. I have a hard time believing it was all contained within 2.5 days. My gratitude to Patrick Griffiths for inviting me to speak at the event, and my admiration as well for pulling off a fun, fluid, very professional-feeling conference. continued

Disney signage

A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend and I flew to Orlando, Florida to spend some time with my father. Since he works for Disney, we took a day and hopped through a few of the parks for free. I hadn’t been to Magic Kingdom since I was a kid. It’s odd how you see things differently as an adult. Not unexpected, just odd. continued

London and Copenhagen

Just arrived in London. It’s gray outside, and probably a little cooler than I thought June would be. But I’m glad to be here, regardless. A rather uneventful flight (always a good thing) except for the man sitting next to me smacking the Enter key on his laptop keyboard every 2 seconds throughout the night. continued