Blogger redesign

Stopdesign collaborated with user experience consultancy Adaptive Path on a hugely successful redesign of Blogger. The redesign included an evolved identity, a major reworking of Blogger’s home page and sign up process, and a new dashboard for logged in users. With this redesign, we focused on making the Blogger brand and interface much more friendly and approachable. We worked with Google to pare down the sign up process, making it short, intuitive, and effortless for first-time visitors. The Blogger home page now promotes the simplicity of creating a new blog by highlighting the short 3-step process. The page also presents a simplified definition of the word “blog” right up front, and directs new users into a short tour if they want to learn more. The redesign makes extensive use of CSS for layout and presentation, including several techniques invented just for this project.

Client: Google

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