Google Calendar design

Google’s engineering team had been working on a new calendar web app for nearly a year, and had a basic, working prototype at the time. But the design was rough and little more than a skeleton. Google’s internal design resources were strapped and unavailable to move forward with Calendar’s design as fast as the team wanted. So¬†Google approached me seeking help with the visual design of Google Calendar.

I worked with the Calendar team to create a design that hinted heavily in Gmail‘s direction (so that Google Calendar would feel like a brand extension of Gmail). But it also consisted of design components and features that Google had never offered before. Consistent with Google’s product philosophy, Google Calendar sought to be a game-changing web app that made online calendar creation, sharing, and publishing super simple.

My participation in the project consisted of numerous design and review phases, from early concepts through final design. I also produced the HTML & CSS for many of Calendar’s key UI components, much of which ultimately got compiled into the final code for the product launch.

Client: Google

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