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Doug talks

Earlier today, I had the honor of giving a presentation about the beauty of CSS at Digital Design World. The crowd seemed warmly receptive to hearing about (and seeing) how they can make better-looking sites by putting into practice some basic design principles, practical tips, and a few advanced techniques.

Tomorrow afternoon, I co-present a session on “Design and Accessibility” with Andrew Kirkpatrick, Project Manager from the WGBH National Center for Accessible Media. I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with Andrew, and discussing how paying more attention to accessibility does not mean resorting to insipid design. continued

Missing caps

Technically, I don’t care much who wins the SuperBowl tomorrow. I grew up in the Midwest, and played football in junior high and high school, so I enjoy watching a good game occasionally. Particularly college ball. As for the NFL, I’ve never been a fan of either the Panthers or the Patriots, so the game can go either direction, and it won’t affect my emotional state one iota. I am, as always, looking forward to the commercials. Some years disappoint. Others are filled with some of the best creative that money can buy from an ad agency. continued

You could be next

Only a couple days left for the current Blogstakes contests. Win a three-book collection from The Onion or a hard-shell CD case. It couldn’t be easier to get entered if you already have a blog — just add a link to one or both of the contests somewhere on your site where others will find it. Nothing else required is from you. Someone reading your site clicks the link you made, they fill out a simple form on Blogstakes. If they win, you win too. Two girls for every — no, scratch that — I mean: two winners for every prize. continued

Mini? Really?

I know there’s been lots of talk about the new iPod mini Apple introduced yesterday. Price-point aside for a minute while I focus on marketing/branding: Is it just me? If we’re speaking in relative terms, shouldn’t the name of this new device be iPod Slightly Smallerâ„¢? Ok, so it doesn’t have the same ring as Apple’s dubbing. But let’s be honest. There’s not much difference in physical size between the new mini and the full-size iPods. The problem everyone is decrying: not much difference in cost either. continued

AIGA discount for SxSW

Each spring, the Interactive portion of the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas brings together some of the most creative and inventive individuals of the online and interactive world for several fun days of keynotes, sessions, panels, and parties. Last year, I finally had a chance to go for the first time, and had a blast. [Do we still use that word?] continued

Selected reading

Four of the books on sale In one of the main Exhibition Halls, the AIGA has a temporary bookstore set up with hundreds of books available about design, type, color, surface, theory… enough to make any designer drool and wish they had the entire collection available in their own library. While I love all kinds of design books, (Eames books are a favorite) I was disappointed that I wasn’t finding any related to design for the Web or multimedia. Then I came across this table. People all around me had no idea why I had whipped out my camera to take a picture of books sitting on a table, but I found these four to be in good company.

Power of Design, Vancouver

In two days, I’ll be heading north to Vancouver, B.C. for the AIGA National Design Conference, the power of Design. (Ironic that an American org is holding a national conference in Canada, eh?) This year’s conference will focus on the role of designers in the 21st century, in terms of culture, economy, and environment. Registration is still open if you’re up for making last minute plans. Be wary though: nearby hotels were filling up quick when I booked a month ago. GDC members are also eligible for the AIGA member rate. continued

Spaced out

If you live in the Bay Area (or happen to be visiting next week) and have a passion for typography like I do, no doubt, you’ll be interested in Spaced Out, Black Holes in Typography, happening next Wednesday, 1 October at 7pm. Speakers include heavy hitters of typography Jim Parkinson, Mike Bartalos, and a former HotWired colleague, Max Kisman. (Ahem… just mentioning those three names in the same sentence makes me drool.) The event is $10 for AIGA members, $15 for non-members, and current students attend for free. The perfect teaser for the event: continued


Yesterday morning, I left my sunny, cloudless, 75°F Noe Valley neighborhood to join Jeff and Bryan 2 miles to the north in Pacific Heights to watch a portion of the T-Mobile International. Fortunately, I had called ahead, and been told to bundle up. When I arrived, Pacific Heights (as is typical in summer months) was enshrouded with fog, it was a chilling 50°F, and a harsh wind whipped through the stately mansions, making it feel even colder. Where else can you go only 2 miles and experience a natural temperature drop of 25°+? To get a feel for what it was like earlier in the morning, see this shot from the womens’ race, which started at 7:30am. continued