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Saying what I want to say, while this thing’s still on, and while there are still people here to say it to…

Tell your stories here, by Tantek Çelik on Flickr
TELL YOUR STORIES HERE, by Tantek Çelik on Flickr

Whether you joined this year, or whether you’re OG. It wasn’t all good, and there have been more than enough bad apples trying to spoil the barrel.

This thread focuses on the good, the helpful, the curious, and the wondrous. The additive, rather than the subtractive. The reasons we came here to try it out, and the the reasons we stayed.

Thanks for making Twitter what it became, what it has been. For inspiring us. For sharing what you worked on, and where you worked on it. For the peeks behind the curtains. For the mountains and the valleys.

Thanks for the introductions, the conversations, the questions, and the answers. For teaching us about brevity, prodding us to be thoughtful, reminding us to be more inclusive, asking us to be generous, encouraging us to be deliberate.

Thanks for letting us know when someone we loved was no longer here. And when new humans to be loved were finally here. When new leaders were chosen, and when regimes fell. When a plane landed in the Hudson. When, yes indeed, that was an earthquake.

Thanks for the build-ups, and the tear-downs. For the wonder-ifs, the how-tos, the fly-overs and the walk-throughs. For the wins and the losses. For the laughs and the tears.

Most of all, thanks for being here, for coming back, over and over, and sharing everything about you for all of us to see, learn from, understand more, participate in, and relate to. Thanks for all you contributed. Twitter made it possible. You made it worthwhile.

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