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Focused, topical events

FLOCK hosts focused, topical conferences, intensives, and workshops that push attendees to their best. Its events attract small business entrepreneurs, internal specialists at small to medium-size companies, and self-employed writers and creators. FLOCK has been hosting smaller-scale, intimate events in various U.S. cities since 2018. Topics for events have included self-promotion, photography, mastering specific social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, content creation, SEO, and revenue diversification.

The WordPress-based site consists of lots of custom code that renders event pages and offers ability to register and purchase tickets for each FLOCK event.

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FLOCK event page on mobile

Responsive design

Table stakes for any website of the past decade, knowing many of its potential attendees would discover FLOCK while they were out and about, the site had to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices, and look and read just as well on mobile as any desktop browser.

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