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Aspire Dance Company website home page

Choreographed inspiration

Aspire Dance Company is a recreational and award-winning competitive dance studio in San Diego, California. After creating the logo and defining brand elements for Aspire Dance Company, I helped the studio owner with an inspirational and informational website for her new studio.

Sections of the website describe the studio and showcase its programs and faculty, provide updates for the dance community, and offer a real-time class schedule and event calendar synced with studio software.

I also wove inspirational and thought-provoking quotes from well-known dancers throughout the site.

ADC home page
ADC faculty member page
ADC classes page
ADC colors showing the full range of primaries, grays, golds, and class colors

“Something like rose gold”

The studio owner’s input on color for me was literally, “something like rose gold”. I went through a few iterations of a pallete for ADC that eventually settled on a mauve-like PMS 695, warm blacks and grays, and an occasional hit of metallic gold. I also assigned a family of colors for each genre of classes offered by ADC.

ADC class schedule page

Live class data

ADC maintains a detailed database of dance classes, teachers, levels, days, and times on another portal service that allows families to register for those classes and manage their accounts. I parsed the resulting JavaScript from an embed code of table-based class data and converted it into an easier-to-parse display of ADC’s daily class schedule. Classes on ADC’s website update immediately when they are changed or added on the portal service.

ADC fonts in use (Acumin Pro and Rift Soft)
ADC faculty module