Aspire Dance Company brand

ADC | Aspire Dance Company logo

A new dance studio

I worked directly with the owner on the logo and overall branding for her new competitive dance studio named Aspire Dance Company. The brand is intended to represent and convey ambition, purpose, and intention.

ADC brand image exploration

Early exploration

To get started, I led the studio owner in a series of exercises and word associations we wanted associated with the brand. After confirming a few verbs and adjectives and a rough color palette idea, I proceeded with sketches for possible logo directions.

ADC logo sketches
Aspire Dance Company logo
Aspire Dance Company logo variations

Flexible logo configuration

The logo is designed to use in different configurations, depending on the context in which it appears.

ADC: art direction for photos (lunge)
ADC: art direction for photos (leap)
ADC: art direction for photos (arabesque)

Dramatic stage lighting

In conjunction with designing the website, I also defined a style of lighting and mood for photography ADC uses, often done in post-production, since there was rarely access to a controlled photo studio.

ADC product: white Aspire t-shirt
ADC product: baseball hat from side
ADC product: black ADC leggings

Important for wear

Since creating the logo, we have extended it to multiple team apparel and gear items for dancers and their families.