Posts from December 2003

AIGA discount for SxSW

Each spring, the Interactive portion of the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas brings together some of the most creative and inventive individuals of the online and interactive world for several fun days of keynotes, sessions, panels, and parties. Last year, I finally had a chance to go for the first time, and had a blast. [Do we still use that word?] continued

HP ad perspective

After HP’s “you blog” ad attracted enough attention a couple days ago, I thought it appropriate to add a little more context, so no one thinks the campaign is entirely blog-focused. That ad just happened to catch my attention (and interest) because of its subject matter. As others pointed out in the comments for that entry, this could have been part of the ad agency’s intent. But I actually think whoever thought of the blog ad might just be trying to capitalize on a rapidly rising trend before anyone else does. continued

Well, don't you?

New HP ad, with the corner of a computer monitor in the background, and the phrase 'You blog, don't you?'

Spotted in the Montgomery BART station last week, I finally snapped a photo of this ad on the way into the office today. It’s part of a large HP campaign that has ads plastered all over the walls and floors of the Muni/BART stations, promoting their computing products. This one obviously stood out from the others. Somewhat presumptuous, wouldn’t you say? It shares that same haughty feeling that Wired was known for throughout the mid ’90s. In fact, I think all the other current HP ads are declarative like this one: “You travel light…”, “You do this…”, “You do that…”

Update: I’ve added shots of a few more HP ads in the same BART station, to provide some context for this one.

Who/where are the women?

Spawned by recent conversations with friends, I’ve been thinking about people who are known for designing and working with web standards. Specifically those who have a strong interest in CSS or are already using style sheets to compliment or construct beautiful design. In these conversations, we’ve noted that this space seems heavily dominated by men. This concerns me. continued

Blue man do

It’s not often that I point out or write about standards-compliant site designs and launches which get sent to me by email, especially personal sites. But designer Cameron Adams just launched a site that I think is worth your attention. The Man in Blue boasts a simple, attractive design created with lots of background-image goodness. Notice the soft shadows everywhere, the cracks in the corners which move as the window is resized, and the intricate way lots of small borders match up to create a subtle 3D effect. A brief technical overview highlights a few more features. continued