• How could I not link to these photos of Obama’s Inauguration posted yesterday on The Big Picture? For some reason, despite numerous other photos that were better composed or more striking in their angle, I was really moved by photo #23, and stared at it for a good 5 minutes, considering everything that was going through Vertie’s mind at the time.

  • Photo Gallery Templates available

    Since describing and pointing to my photo galleries back in January this year, I received lots of positive feedback, requests for the templates, and questions asking when they’d be available. Since the galleries are a personal, non-paying hobby, they took a back seat to other more pressing projects. In my spare time for the past several months, I made lots of additions and tweaks to the gallery pages. Meanwhile, I also started generalizing the templates, keeping in mind that I might eventually make them publicly available some day. That day has finally come. ~1,100 words

  • New photo galleries

    A byproduct of doing so much traveling lately is the overabundance of photos I’ve taken. I promised the many people I met from far and away that I’d make them available when I returned. Problem is, I’ve never been satisfied with the photo gallery services currently available, especially for mass quantities of photos. So I looked into alternatives. I’ve been using iPhoto to manage photos and galleries locally on my PowerBook, and I have lots of familiarity with Movable Type. All I needed was a bridge between the two. Update: The templates are now available. ~3,000 words

  • Library escalators

    My favorite photo from a 10-minute visit (that’s all the time I had) to Seattle’s Rem Koolhaas-designed Central Library. ~80 words

  • More Miami

    Sitting in the Miami airport, waiting for a flight to Chicago. Here’s a few more shots to highlight from this past weekend: ~22 words

  • Miami beach

    South Beach sights

    The AIGA I/O Conference wrapped up yesterday. Overall, it was an excellent 2-day conference with a nice range of topics covered. I stuck around in Miami for an extra day just to relax a little. Over the last couple days, ~100 words