• Nice going, Ethan. Definitely one to keep in the ol’ bag o’ tricks.

  • Google Calendar tips

    Since I’ve been an early user of Google Calendar for a few months now, thought I’d share a few tips that may make the jump a little smoother for others. Some tips may seem obvious, other tips may be completely new to you. Specifically, I’ve noticed hesitation by Mac users in trying Google Calendar, which I’ll address in a few Mac-only tips sprinkled in with the rest. ~2,300 words

  • CSS organization tip 1: Flags

    Do you write and manage large CSS files? Ever get tired of scrolling up and down in search of a specific rule or set of rules? The CSS files I work with for client projects are often quite long, requiring constant scrolling up and down several screen’s worth of text to alter rules or add new ones. While working on a current project, I just made a tiny little addition that makes finding what I want almost immediate. ~700 words

  • Filtering CSS

    Looking to keep hacks in your primary style sheet to a minimum? This entry introduces a new CSS filter that can be used to import a separate style sheet for IE5/Mac, named the IE5/Mac Band Pass Filter. ~1,000 words

  • No limits

    When I was designing Wired News last year, I was limited by what I knew I could implement. It’s obvious to me whenever I look at Wired now: there are things I would have designed differently had I known how — and been able — to pull them off. ~400 words