• Jared lays out more defense for why breadcrumbs are a cop-out.

  • We’re recommending that when teams see users needing breadcrumbs, they look for other holistic design solutions. They’ll need to watch users and see the circumstances leading up to how the need arises. In almost all cases, they’ll find a better way to solve the problem than traditional breadcrumbs.

  • A good UI should fade away, putting content in the front seat — it should be transparent.

  • Start Conference

    Been thinking of starting a company? Maybe started one recently? Or just have entrepreneurial tendencies in your blood? Check out Start. Friends and colleagues, Jeffrey Veen and Bryan Mason, are hosting a one-day conference in San Francisco on August 7 “for smart, talented Web people to take hold of their ideas, follow their dreams, and start their own companies.” ~100 words

  • Choosing the right tool

    It’s rare these days that something pulls me out of the woodwork to write something here on Stopdesign. A few recent posts by Jason and David at 37signals (Why we skip Photoshop and Web designers should do their own HTML/CSS, respectively) got me thinking though. This post began as a response on an email thread at work. I’m expanding it here to a wider audience. ~1,000 words

  • Respect! at SXSW

    Though I’m a little leery of the massive size of SXSW this year, I’m really looking forward to seeing and catching up with friends new and old (and meeting a few more) in Austin later this week. It’s that time of year, when geeks from all over the Web physically converge in central Texas, fight for the last few available hotel rooms, and elbow their way to a choice seat at any of over 150 Interactive panels. ~200 words

  • xScope 2

    Simply put, xScope is a back-pocket, time-saving utility for designers and developers created by designers who understand the nature of working on screen. I haven’t written much about the software I use. But once in a while I come across something that’s so useful, I’m compelled to spread the word a little further. And the latest update of xScope to v2.0 adds some really nice enhancements worth drawing me out of hibernation. ~500 words